Coastwide Insurance has been providing Jersey Shore residents with exceptional service for 35 years.  We are a Trusted Choice independent insurance agency, so you can count on us to provide you with insurance products that offer the best combination of price and value.
Our commitment to you doesn't end when your policy is drawn up and filed.  Our people will stand behind our products and be there for you when you need us the most.    
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2517 Route 35 | Bldg. F Suite 102 | Manasquan, NJ  08736.
Benefits of Using an Independent Insurance Agent
More Choice and Flexibility
Independent insurance agents represent an average of eight insurance companies, so they are not bound by the plans of a single insurance company.  They can provide you with more choices, allowing you to select the policy that meets your needs with the best combination of price, coverage, and service.  In addition, independent insurance agents have the ability to write the most challenging accounts.

Independent Insurance Agents Are Experts
While it may be tempting to select your own insurance coverage via the internet, making uninformed choices can result in disaster.  An independent insurance agent is able to accurately analyze your personal and business needs now and as your life circumstances change, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are fully protected.
Independent Agents Work For You
Independent insurance agents work for you, not an insurance company.  They can give you unbiased advise about the different types of policies each company offers and their track
record in keeping customers satisfied.

They Will Help You With Your Claims
Direct or "captive" insurance writers are bound to serve the best interests of the company they are employed by.  Independent insurance agents will educate you about the claims process and assist you in filing your claim to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

You Can Keep Your Trusted Insurance Agent Even If You Need to Change Insurance Carriers
Since independent insurance agents are not employees of any single insurance company, they can remain your insurance advisor even if you need to change insurance carriers.